Mobile Mapping Software

Trident Imaging Hub

Manage and analyze digital imagery and point

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  • Rapid loading of MX instrument data
  • Precise application of postprocessed trajectories
  • QA/QC tools
  • RGB point cloud colorization
  • Manual classification and information extraction from digital imagery and point clouds
  • User-defined GIS data entry forms
  • Projection of existing GIS database content on images and point clouds for easy data management
  • Direct GIS database connection for multi-user data extraction and maintenance


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Trident Factory

Automate roadway asset inventory, geometry and safety assessment:

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  • Optional module for Trident Imaging Hub
  • Automated feature and change detection of poles, signs, and pavement markings
  • Automated modeling of terrain, vertical and horizontal clearances, line-of-sight, roadway cross sections, edges and centerlines
  • Land XML exports


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Trident Sign Recognizer

Create and maintain a network-level roadway sign inventory:

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  • Supports Trimble MX8 data
  • Add-on to Trident Imaging Hub
  • Automated sign detection and recognition with additional change detection features


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eCognition for Trident

Automated, highly-configurable feature extraction and analysis:

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  • Optional module for Trident Imaging Hub
  • Analyzes and processes selected data in Trident using eCognition Rule Sets
  • Results are directly displayed within Trident


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